Composing Projects

Rapido 14-Day Composition Competition 2012

I'm writing a new piece for oboe, violin, cello, piano. Specifications arrived June 11, finished and delivered June 25. Rapido info

Duo & Trio: Chamber music with flute

Spindrift Commissioning Guild 2012 project: Duo for flute & cello, Trio for flute, piano, percussion.
Our December-January RocketHub fundraiser is complete. Read about perks and sponsorship info.

Play Book, music book and CD for piano students

After composition and improvisation workshops in 2007, I've published the music written for that project. Read more about Play Book.

Zoa for "2", the duo of Peter Bloom, flute and Mary Jane Rupert, harp

Premiered on the Advent Library concert series, hosted by Matt Samolis, on September 23, 2011

Minute Music

In 2010-2011, I've written several short pieces for Vox Novus and Composer's Voice projects, including:

Waves, computer-synthesized, included in the Athena Mix

Double for soprano Beth Griffith, performed September 25, 2011 Jan Hus Church, NYC, featuring singing, whistling, clicking and tapping

Turbulient for clarinet, which ended up being too long for the 1-minute requirement

Examinate for flute, violo and doublebass. Not chosen but became the seed for the Duo in the 2012 Guild project

Altered for horn, for Michelle McQuade Dewhirst. Performance March 11, 2012 Jan Hus Church, NYC

Download free Minute Music scores!

Deepest Shade for SATB acappella

I wrote my own text for this piece, expressing my frustration and love, when communication with my father gradually became impossible as he slipped deeper into dementia.

About the music

Shepherds and Angels

for SATB chorus, violin, harp, tamborine

About the Spindrift Commissioning Guild project

Written for the Halalisa Singers, although they weren't able to perform it in 2010

Premieres took place in 2011 at Geneva College in Pennsylvania and by the Master Singers in Lexington, MA

Returning for clarinet

Another installment in the Poetry-Inspired Solos series, based on "Natural History" by E.B.White

I offered the composition of this piece as part of a charity auction for the Concord Orchestra.
The high bidders were Grant and Betsy Anderson. Grant performed Returning at the Lexington Music Club in June 2010.

Quinteto sobre los Poemas de Carlos Pintado

4 movements for violin, viola, cello, doublebass and piano

Commissioned by the South Beach Chamber Ensemble

Inspired by the writings and beautiful imagery of Miami-based Cuban poet Carlos Pintado

May 2009: South Beach Chamber Ensemble premiered Quinteto in Miami. They also performed it in Wausau, WI as part of the South Beach Up North Festival in August

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The Future of Life

the conservation of biodiversity for SATB chorus, trombone, piano

About the project

Oct 2007: Premiere: press release

Art-Poem-Music: Body & Soul Vol.1&2

About the project    concert photo gallery

June 2009:
IAWM contest gives Honorable Mention to Body and Soul Vol.2
Press release

Feb 2008: Concert press release

March 2007: Concert program

Feb 2007: Premiere of Vol. 1, press release

Poetry-Inspired Solos & Duos

About the project

Jan 2008: Concert press release

Feb 2008: More poetry-inspired solos on Art-Poem-Music concert

Triptoe Suite

for the Green Mountain Youth Symphony

About the project

April-May 2007: Triptoe Suite premieres in Vermont


for oboe and chamber orchestra

About the project

July 2006: Enchanted premieres in Lexington, MA with Veronica Kenney as soloist

Black Bear Dance

for horns and drums

About the project

June 2006: Esprit de Cor premieres Black Bear Dance in Lexington, MA

Spring 2010: Indian Hill Clarinet Choir performs the new version of Black Bear Dance for clarinet choir that I arranged for them.

Weaving the World

for SATB chorus, oboe, piano, percussion

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Mar 2006: Weaving the World premiere


on natural phenomena, for organ

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