Spindrift Recording Service

bulletConcert recordings and demo recordings in and around Lexington, Massachusetts

bulletSpecializing in classical chamber music


Basic recording ...

1-hour concert recording  $70
2-hour concert recording $120

A soundcheck 1/2 hour before your concert provides best results.

1 CD master provided, with an single track of the whole concert.

Transfer to CD ...

Editing and transfer to CD  $50-$100
     (typically 2 to 4 tracks for $50; 20 or more tracks for $100)

In my studio I transfer the recording to the computer, edit into tracks, remove pauses, and remove applause if desired. If applause overlaps the music, you can let me know how to handle it.

2 edited CD masters in windowed paper sleeves provided.

Equipment ...

SoundDevices 744T HardDisk Recorder
Rode NT5 microphone pair
Also available: Rode NT4 stereo mic, Earthworks omni mic pair, AKG C1000S mic pair

Summary of costs

Satisfaction guaranteed

Total cost for a short concert recording and editing
   maximum of $140 plus shipping and sales tax

Total cost for a full-length concert recording and editing
  bullet maximum of $220 plus shipping and sales tax

Shipping approx $3 for up to three discs

Additional CD copies $5, plus shipping if applicable
Sales tax additional

Call to Schedule

Call me, Pamela Marshall, at 781-862-0884 or contact us online to schedule your concert or recording session.

Clients and Testimonials

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